1kg Gallium 99.99%, 1000g Ga 31 Liquid Metal - Technology Metal and Valuable Asset

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Buy 1kg gallium liquid metal with 99.99% purity.

Buy now high purity gallium with at least 99.99% purity. Gallium is a technology metal, collectible and valuable investment. With us you get the best price for 1kg Gallium liquid metal. The current gallium price is very low at the moment. It is just 449€/kg, so you should buy gallium liquid metal now.

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- Purity: min.: 99,99%

- Quantity: 1000g

Gallium - in demand like gold.

Whether consumer electronics or photovoltaics: The rare technology metal gallium is indispensable for almost all boom industries. The very fact that gallium is a very rare and limited metal makes gallium a good value investment. The technology metal is in demand and urgently needed by various technology sectors, but occurs in nature only to a limited extent and mostly as a by-product of ores.

Gallium is indispensable for these industries:

- LED technology: blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes are manufactured from the semiconductor gallium nitride.

- Semiconductor industry: Gallium arsenide plays an important role in the production of wafers for highly integrated electronic circuits.

- Photovoltaics (thin-film solar cells): Gallium-based CIGS technology was used to build the world's most powerful solar cell in 2015. Its efficiency is 46%.

- High-tech electronics: Gallium arsenide chips are used in cell phones, notebooks and game consoles for high-frequency communications.

Gallium does not occur in nature in an unbound form. It usually occurs as part of zinc, germanium or aluminum ores. Its share in the formation of the earth's crust is only 0.0008 percent by weight - making it a true rarity and therefore so valuable. Gallium is indispensable in almost all high-tech industries.

Gallium has a wide range of applications. The metal is used for LED light or laser diodes, as well as in the semiconductor industry, in solar technology or in high-tech electronics.

Gallium shines silvery to light blue and, like indium, is rather soft, but it has a density anomaly: it is heavier in its liquid state than in its solid state. And gallium has another peculiarity: although it is relatively soft, compact pieces disintegrate into fine sharp splinters when subjected to strong mechanical stress.

The price level of gallium is expected to rise in the next few years, as it is extremely rare, precious as well as substantial for various future technologies.

Gallium is a soft, shiny silver to light blue metal with a density anomaly: it is heavier and denser in the liquid state than in the solid state. It has an extremely low melting point and liquefies at slightly higher room temperatures. In the solid state, the metal exhibits a number of peculiarities: Although it is relatively soft, compact pieces disintegrate into fine, sharp splinters when subjected to strong mechanical stress. In the liquid state, gallium forms a light gray smear film on the skin - likewise in the eyes. Therefore, unprotected contact with the metal should be avoided. Chemically, the sought-after technology metal behaves similarly to aluminum or zinc.

Interesting facts about gallium: history, occurrence, extraction

In 1875, the French chemist Paul Émille Lecoq de Boisbaudran discovered a previously unknown element by spectral analysis. He succeeded in extracting the element by means of electrolysis. This newly obtained element was then named by de Boisbaudran either in honor of his homeland "Gallia" (Latin for France) or after himself - Le coq means "Gallus" (Latin for "the rooster"). Why is gallium so sought after on the raw materials market? Gallium is a by-product obtained during the production of aluminum and zinc in the so-called Bayer process. In this process, gallium is separated from aluminum. This energy- and labor-intensive production process is mainly used in China. However, gallium can also be obtained more simply by means of electrolysis. Despite different extraction processes, the amount of gallium produced annually is small, which makes the technology metal all the more valuable for industry and investors. The main producer of gallium worldwide is by far China (600t in 2016), followed by Russia (4t in 2014) and Kazakhstan (15.7t in 2012). Germany (30t 2016) also played an important role in gallium production until 2016. In contrast to gallium production is the demand for the technology metal with the low melting point. For example, global demand for gallium was around 300t in 2012 and 320t the year after. The main customer for the gallium produced in the period from 2010 to 2015 was the high-tech industry Japan, followed by China, the USA and Germany with around 30 tons per year.

Symbol: Ga

Atomic number: 31

Element category: Metals

Atomic mass: 69,723 u

Melting point: 29.8 °C

Boiling point: 2,403 °C

Density: 5.91 g/cm³

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