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Buy 1kg germanium ingots with 99.99% purity.

Buy now high purity germanium bars with at least 99.99% purity. Germanium is a technology metal, collectible and valuable investment. We offer you the best price for 1kg germanium ingots. The current germanium bar price is stable at the moment. It is just 2099€/kg, so you should buy germanium ingot now.

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Our modern fiber-optic Internet is only so fast because of the rare metal germanium. Single-atom layers of germanium conduct electrons up to ten times faster than silicon. Thus, germanium is also one of the indispensable metals of today.

The element shines gray-white, is very brittle and has the classic properties of a semiconductor.

Like gallium, germanium also has a density anomaly: in the solid state, its density is lower than in the liquid state. Germanium is found only in very small concentrations in the earth's crust, and only about 165 tons are mined annually.

The metal is used not only in the production of glass fibers, but also in high-frequency technology, for night vision equipment and in the manufacture of PET bottles. Germanium has shown a stable price trend in recent years.

Demand is significantly higher than supply, and the metal is considered enormously important for numerous key technologies.

Germanium is one of the rarest metals on earth and is therefore on the EU list of critical raw materials worldwide.

The elements on it are considered to be of great economic importance; their chemical and physical properties are irreplaceable for a wide variety of applications.

And as popular as these elements are for the high-tech processing industry, the supply situation is just as critical. If a high demand now meets a limited supply, one can assume a potential increase in value. It is impossible to imagine modern life without germanium.

Years ago, it was the leading material in the electrical industry, and today it is found in fiber optics and infrared optics applications. Germanium is one of the few elements that is transparent to infrared light, making it indispensable for the manufacture of night vision devices. Do you believe in the future of high-speed Internet and 5G technology?

Germanium is an essential ingredient for this: a powerful semiconductor is imperative for the expansion of the fiber optic network, the foundation of the 5G network. Now, the 5G network rollout is not just happening in one country, but will take place worldwide over the next few years. Just based on this one application example, we can already talk about an enormous potential increase in value and a positive price development.

Speaking of the future, it is not only fast data transmission on the Internet that will play an important role in the coming years, but also the globally targeted energy turnaround, i.e. the switch to a renewable energy supply, will be a dominant task in the next few years. Germanium will also play a central role in the field of photovoltaics.

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, photovoltaic systems with highly efficient solar cells are increasingly being installed.

The keyword here is concentrator photovoltaics, a methodology that focuses more sunlight on the solar cells to produce energy more efficiently. These high-efficiency solar systems require germanium.

All germanium applications in the overview:

- fiber optic systems in special cameras, microscopes and telecommunications

- thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices

- wafer substrate in high efficiency solar cells

- LEDs and semiconductor detectors

With germanium, as with other technology metals, the rule is to manage sparingly. In 2020, about 120 tons of germanium were produced; the years before, annual production was somewhat higher (e.g., 165 tons in 2014).

China is considered the world's largest producer of germanium, with a market share of about 70%.

This may cause prices to rise even more disproportionately.

Germanium is a critical raw material and belongs to the group of semimetals and semiconductors. chemical and physical properties are similar to silicon.

It does not occur in deposits or mines, but is obtained during the mining of zinc. It also occurs in germanite and argyrodite minerals, among others. Here, the main sites of discovery are in the Congo or South Africa.

The most remarkable property of germanium is the density anomaly. That is, germanium has the greatest density in the liquid state. Pure germanium is brittle, but very stable at room temperature.

In the compact state it is not combustible, but in powder form it is.

Symbol: Ge

Atomic number: 32

Melting point: 938.3 °C

Boiling point: 2830 °C

Density: 5.323 g/cm3

Mass fraction / Earth shell: 5.6 ppm

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