1kg Hafnium Metal 99.9%,1000g Pure Hafnium Technology Metal and Valuable Asset

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Buy 1kg Hafnium Metal with 99.9% purity.

Buy now high purity hafnium metal with at least 99.9% purity. Hafnium metal is a technology metal, collectible and valuable investment. With us you get the best price for 1kg Hafnium metal. The current price of Hafnium is stable at the moment. It is just at 4199€/kg, so you should buy Hafnium metal now.

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Even small amounts of this technology metal make for great innovations: Hafnium makes computers faster, aircraft parts more robust, and nuclear power plants safer.

Although hafnium has a higher earth content of 4.2 ppm than the technology metal indium (0.1 ppm) or the precious metal silver (0.079 ppm), it is not a very common element. In terms of abundance, hafnium is comparable to the halogen bromine and the alkali metal cesium. It neither occurs as a pure chemical element, nor is it a component of minerals.

The silvery shining heavy metal hafnium is one of the last stable elements of the periodic table to appear. It was discovered in Copenhagen in 1923. The name of the versatile element comes from the Latin name of the Danish capital: Hafnia.

Mainly, hafnium is used in the industry for nuclear power technology. As an extremely corrosion-resistant metal, it is used there as a control rod to regulate the chain reaction. It is also used for superalloys in aircraft turbines. Here, too, the element's high load-bearing capacity is of enormous advantage. In addition, the computer industry also swears by hafnium in order to be able to build faster and more cost-effective devices.

Global hafnium reserves are estimated at around one million tons. About 80 tons are mined annually. The price of hafnium increased by 30 percent in 2018. The forecasts for the aircraft industry and the importance of hafnium in numerous key technologies promise a positive future in terms of price stability and development.

Hafnium has certain advantages over competing neutron-absorbing elements: The enormously corrosion-resistant element gives rise to hafnium isotopes in the nuclear reaction, which also have high absorption cross sections. Thus, also due to its high price, hafnium is preferably used in military applications, for example in nuclear submarine reactors.

The extraction of hafnium is complex, which is why the technology metal is only processed in small quantities. The main customer is the nuclear industry. In this industry, the base metal is used in control rods. These in turn regulate the reactions in nuclear reactors.

Areas of application:

Computer chips


Nuclear industry



Hafnium is in demand by the following industries

Glass and ceramics industry

Electronics industry

Metal industry

Automotive industry

Chemical industry

Plant industry

Semiconductor industry

Symbol: Hf

Electron configuration: [Xe] 4f¹⁴5d²6s²

Melting point: 2,227 °C

Atomic mass: 178.49 u

Atomic number: 72

Electronegativity: 1.3

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