Galindistan (Galinstan brand name), eutectic of 62% Ga - 22% In -16% Sn, biomercury.

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Galindistan (Galinstan brand name) liquid metal, eutectic of gallium indium tin, bio mercury, melting point 10.7°C.

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Galindistan - the liquid metal made of gallium, indium and tin. This alloy is also known as Galinstan or Biomercury.

- Eutectic of gallium, indium and tin

- Composition: 62% Ga, 22% In and 16% Sn

- Melting point: 10,7°C (with formation of supercooled melts down to -19°C)

- Density: 6.4g/cm^3

Galindistan is a silvery, eutectic alloy of gallium, indium and tin. Gallium, indium and stannum (Latin for tin) form Galindistan. The alloy is liquid at room temperature and, according to the manufacturer's specifications, changes to the solid state at temperatures below -19 °C.


Galindistan is used primarily as a non-toxic substitute in many applications where liquid mercury or sodium-potassium eutectic was used; including as a lubricant in high vacuum, for example in cathode ray tubes. Galindistan cannot be used as a coolant for nuclear reactors because of its indium content. As a metallic thermal paste for heat sinks with a thermal conductivity of 16 W/(m-K), it outperforms conventional thermal pastes with thermal conductivities of 1-9 W/(m-K). However, the disadvantage is that aluminum heat sinks are dissolved by Galindistan.