Indium 1kg bar wide, high purity indium 99.995% purity, technology metal and value investment

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Buy 1kg indium bars with purity 99.995%.

Buy now high purity indium bars with at least 99.995% purity including certificate of analysis.

Indium is a technology metal, collectible and valuable investment. With us you get the best price for 1kg Indium bars. The price of indium is currently at a level where the opportunities clearly outweigh the risks. The currently very low indium price results mainly from the fact that China has mined in stock and flooded the market: with a triple annual consumption quantity. The indium price is very low at the moment. It is just at 369€/kg, so you should buy indium bars now.

- incl. certificate of analysis

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Purity: min.: 99,995%

Quantity: 1kg

Form: Ingot

Indium is a very soft metal

very rare, one of the metals that will soon be depleted

technology metal, collector's item and investment

shrink wrapped in foil

Indium is ubiquitous. In your cell phone, in LCD displays, in nanotechnology and in the forecasts for the next decades, one of the most sought-after special metals. Without indium, modern life is not possible.

Indium as a sensible investment

Indium is probably the technology metal that is predicted to have a bright future. As an indispensable component for communication and future technologies, it has many positive properties for the industry. From the industry's point of view, there is only one negative aspect to indium: there is too little of it worldwide, which makes indium a very desirable and valuable raw material.

Indium is indispensable for these industries

Displays: In TV sets alone, the LCD share is around 90 %.

Touchscreens: Indium tin oxide is used as a current conductor in organic

light-emitting diodes, touchscreens and solar cells.

Thin-film photovoltaics: With CIGS technology, manufacturers achieve

the highest electricity yield and the highest efficiency.

Nanotechnology: Indium phosphide nanowires are used in highly

sensitive photodetectors or optical switches.

Indium: Rare, but in demand like never before

Indium is the raw material of modern life like hardly any other technology metal. While the production volume can hardly be expanded, the demand is increasing every year. in your hands almost all the time. Indium tin oxide is one of the most important components of smartphone displays. It is also used in the production of LCD screens, photovoltaic LCD screens, photovoltaic systems and nanotechnology. It is considered almost indispensable in today's world. It is estimated that the resources worldwide are estimated at only 16,000 metric tons, with only two-thirds being are economically minable. Indium is used almost exclusively as a by-product in the production of zinc and lead. In its pure form, indium is so soft that you can bend it by hand. Since indium is considered a key metal in semiconductor technology, experts believe that the metal will increase in value. prospect. Forecasters say that in the next few years it will be one of the most most sought-after specialty metals. As the triumphant advance of smartphones or LCD displays continues, the demand for indium will double by 2030. double - a rise in value is therefore to be expected.


Indium is a silvery-white shiny metal and has a melting point of just 157 °C. Of the metals, only mercury, gallium and most alkali metals have a lower melting point. Liquid indium is then up to a temperature of 2,000 °C

Soft heavy metal

In its pure form, indium is extremely soft. It can be cut with a knife, you can press notches into it with your fingernail, or even take a bite out of it. However, if you try to bend indium, a cracking sound is heard and the crystals break. Liquid indium permanently leaves a thin film on glass, just like the very film on glass, just like the very similar gallium. Indium is resistant to acids and alkalis and has a high neutron absorption capacity.

  • Industry considers indium to be one of the technology metals - those metals that are of particular importance for technological innovations.
  • In other contexts, indium is referred to as a strategic metal, which underscores its relevance to a country's economy.
  • Indium is also a critical raw material, i.e. strategically important, but only finitely available.


Indium occurs exclusively in combination with other elements. It does not exist in pure form. Due to its low content, targeted mining of indium is not profitable. Therefore, indium occurs almost exclusively as a by-product in the production of other raw materials. Up to 90% of indium is extracted from the flue dusts produced during the smelting of sphalerite (zinc sulfide). A solution with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid is used for this purpose.

Indium is obtained by electrolysis

Indium(III) chloride in solution is converted to elemental indium using mercury electrodes. By means of zone smelting processes or multiple electrolysis of indium(I) chloride salt melts, more than 99.99% pure indium can be gradually obtained. The world's zinc deposits and thus the mining of indium are concentrated in China, Peru, Canada, Australia, and the USA. The primary extraction of indium is 50% in China, with the remaining quantities distributed among Belgium, Canada, Japan, Peru, and South Korea.


Indium surrounds us in almost all objects of modern life: in the computer monitor at work, in the touchscreen of the smartphone and in the super-flat TV screen in the living room. Indium compounds also play an important role in photovoltaics and nanotechnology. nanotechnology, as well as in quantum dots for color brilliance. quantum dots for the color brilliance of QLED screens.

Name: Indium
Symbol: In

Atomic number: 49

Mass fraction of the earth's envelope: 1 · 10−5 %

Density: 7,31 g/cm3

Mohs hardness: 1,2

Melting temperature: 156,59 °C

Boiling temperature: 2.072 °C

Electr. conductivity: 12,5 · 106 A·V-1·m-1

Indium belongs to the boron group in the periodic table

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